Accolades for The Father

2014 Winner Global eBook Award!

Global eBook Award

With over 200 judges, and a mountain of books in competition, The Father carried home the Bronze medal among a strong field of contestants at the 2014 Global eBook Awards in the New Adult Fiction category. “As a debut novel, I’m grateful to see this book recognized by the judges,” says the author. “This adds to my excitement for the next volume in The Father trilogy. Thanks to the Global eBook organization, and a salute to all those authors seeking their ideal creation.”

What people are saying...

“In his debut novel, Williams tracks the Whitakers from their difficult past in the 1920s Midwest to their dystopian future in the 2050s. Williams accurately describes what he sees as the many glaring defects of modern America, and offers an evenhanded critique of the media, culture wars, and America’s swift destruction of its physical and psychological environments. His prose shows a great deal of learning, and offers acute observations and occasional wit.” - Kirkus Reviews

“…earlier sections revealed themselves as the foundations of a clever, though provoking work which left me considering my role in the world for the first time in ages.” (full review)

“An excellent story addressing two questions in this philosophical journey through four generations of Whitakers: where is American society headed? And what is the validity of a spiritual life? The author weaves a wonderful tale...” (full review)

“This is most definitely a must-read for anyone interested in America's history...” (full review)

“This is a good first novel. I hope lots of people read this. The author bravely raises lots of issues covering american society and behaviour.” (full review)

“Oh wow. I loved this novel...Excellently written. Easy to follow through the generations. Loved the ending!!” (full review)

“This is an idea book. Ideas carried by sound development and a conclusion that still echoes in those moments of pause when I have a chance to reflect.” (full review)

“It gave me an insight into a world of American history that was both interesting and amazing.” (full review)

“Pace in the story matches the times, slower and more simple in the past, picking up in stride until the love story between Morgan and Ne Shoul heats up and a massive earthquake separates them. At this point I was breathless...” (full review)

“This is a very thought provoking book and is written really well...” (full review)

"As you read it, you wonder what kind of legacy you are leaving for your kids." (full review)