The Father Trilogy

The Father is first in a trilogy of literary fiction - a deliberate commentary on large social and political issues, focused on individuals to explore the human condition. It traces lives of the Whitaker family through the evolution of civilization in modernity. How humanity has changed in its perceptions of self, others and the natural world since earlier times is important to the story. Earlier humankind - rich in creativity, poor in material control is sublimated by its own innovations. This struggle is not free of conflict or cost as nothing has more power than the benefits and injuries of the social system we create. One character in The Father believes that what we create, creates us, folding back, changing who we are. He adheres to Karen Armstrongs claim in her book, The Great Transformation, that a spiritual innovation embraceable by our times and a match for our scientific genius is required to save us as he sets out to do so.

The next book in this trilogy is under development, titled The Worst Of Things, a reference to one of the last lines spoken by a character in the first book. Some characters in The Father survive into this second text as The Great Upheaval of 2057 commences with vigor. Escape from the carnage to solitudes of an Arctic wilderness allows our hero to reconsider his understandings, tested and refined by visits from his closest philosophical companions with news from the war zone. The improbable task of steering a nation is complicated by a planet-wide system grinding away the past with a human population of ten billion and a world war that America will lose. Finally our hero can no longer remain an observer. Risking his life and the future of his message, he returns to America in the process of carving itself into twelve hostile nations with international interests aligning and realigning to maximize exploitation.

Third in the trilogy, The Resurrection, has yet to begin development.