The Story of The Father

Why was The Father revised?

How this happened is summarized in the 3-star review the author wrote about his own book:

"So, I've just read my own book 5 years after I gave birth to it. No matter how much effort, blood, sweat and tears, parents say they never know how their children will turn out. When I delivered this child after many years of labor, I was quite certain it was flawless, bound for something remarkable. Not long after publication, reviews started to roll in. Some liked it, some didn't, but one comment was fairly persistent: it reads choppy.

"WHAT? I was indignant. I read that book nineteen times (yes, 19) in the 6 months before first light, so when I went back to see what these reviewers saw, I found nothing but writing as smooth as a newborn-book's behind. And why wouldn't I? I could have read that book aloud in my sleep at that time. Five years on, I went back to read it in full, certifying volume 2 of the trilogy conformed with volume 1. After the first chapter I slumped in my chair and said out loud, "Dang, that's choppy. Fortunately, at 5 years of age, my book was old enough to attend the latest academy of home schooling (with more writing experience) for a revision. While none of the ideas, events, or arguments have changed, countless edges are in the process of a stern buff and polish, like punctuation, paragraph breaks, some sentence structure, and word choice here and there. The Father remains a political philippic against the Old Postmodernist Left and the New KGB Right, with the descent of America as witnessed over generations of the Whitaker family, and sure to irritate both dogmas, but it will be easier on the eyes. Hopefully this child will soon be on the straight and narrow. Say, by August [it was November]. I just don't know what I'm going to do if this little guy runs afoul of Letter Law one more time. And at such a young age. You never know how they’ll turn out."